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In 1820 a business was founded by Charles Payton, which was split into three separate companies, C Payton and Sons, T Acott & Co, Pepper Payton & Co. This was carried on into the 1890's by Henry Payton, George John Payton & Joseph F pepper. These three men then decided to put the three companies into one large company and become one of the larger more dominating companies in the jewellery trade. This company goes by famous name of Payton Pepper & Sons Ltd ( aka Payton & Pepper ), which was registered on 28th June 1898 at 3 - 5 Vyse Street Birmingham with a total of 40 staff members.

Joseph F Pepper Was born on 23rd April 1842 in Birmingham, who was a 3rd generation part of the famous 1777 John Pepper family which originated in Newcastle Under-Lyme. In 1898 Joseph F pepper designed a ring sizing scale at Payton Pepper & sons. These were made of solid brass and were made to make sure all rings were made to be of the same size, every time and were named as the brand of Wheatsheaf which used a scale of the alphabet A-Z.

The symbol of Wheatsheaf came about as the symbol of wealth, all the people who had land and farms were classed as the richest people and all had a Wheatsheaf on their land. J F Pepper thought this to be the best picture symbol to put on their product and symbolise their product to be of high class which it is.

Wheatsheaf ring sizing tools were all to a high class of standards and each sizing set were checked by hand to guarantee the accuracy of the sizing, which still is done today. Payton Pepper & Sons produced Wheatsheaf ring sizing tools for them selves and for all jewellery manufactures around the country, and stored them at a warehouse they owned. This was done as they only supplied to one a man of the name of Charles Cooper, who owned the tool company, Charles Coopers in London. Charles then became the only agent for Wheatsheaf sizing tools and many other brands and products and sold them to all jewellery tool suppliers.

On 23rd September 1925 Joseph f pepper past away in Birmingham and the Wheatsheaf brand was carried on within Payton Pepper & sons throughout the early 1900,s. During this time Wheatsheaf had become the scale of ring sizing for the whole country and every jeweller used them.

During the 2nd world war in early 1940,s, all the brass was recalled to be melted down and made into bullets and things used in the war. At this time Wheatsheaf production came to a stop, as we were at war and there was no brass to make Wheatsheaf products. Near the end of the war part of Payton Pepper & sons caught the back end of a bomb; this was the Wheatsheaf part of the company. There after the war Wheatsheaf was then placed into the gun quarter in steel house lane Birmingham. This was done as they needed engineering lathes to produce Wheatsheaf and that was the only place that still had lathes to spare but still was owned by Payton and pepper. Due to the lack off brass the sons of Payton & Pepper was forced to change the metal of Wheatsheaf sizing tools, which they chose the next best metal tubular stainless steel for the ring sticks and metal for the ring sizes. They then also updated the logo from the picture symbol of a Wheatsheaf to the word Wheatsheaf in an oval due to loss of the original logo stamping tools and were patented. Wheatsheaf then moved back into the Payton and Pepper building shortly after they repaired the section where Wheatsheaf were originally made.

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